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The PMC Promise: No hidden charges, no truck charges, no overtime, competitive hourly rates.

PMC projects provide the best examples of the type of work we do. Here are a few projects we believe showcase some of our capabilities.

They all have one thing in common: satisfied clients.

Roof Tear Out

PMC can provide services such as a roof tear out. Typically this is needed at mall or commercial properties that do not allow curb adaptors on their roof. Pictures above show a total roof tear out of a 25 ton RTU performed by PMC. During this job we removed the existing unit, the original curb, and supply and return drops. We then installed a new curb and provided roofers to flash in so that the curb would be ready to set the new unit. PMC then installed new supply and return drops in order for us to tie into the existing ductwork. Once all was complete PMC provided a new 25 ton RTU for the new space. As always PMC provided customers with desired checklist and pictures throughout to show the production of the project.

Custom Sheet Metal & Blower housing repair on 50 Ton Condenser

PMC can provide several aspects of HVAC including on the job custom sheet metal fabrications. PMC conducted a blower housing changeout on a 50 ton unit. This included the blower wheel, shaft, bearings, and the housing. With the side walls of the AHU rusted and severely damaged we were able to use our custom sheet metal shop to fabricate on the job side panels.

PM Inspection – Preventative Maintenance

PMC conducts preventative maintenance for customers all around the state. PMC technicians are trained to take before and after pictures for any filters that have been changed as well as any parts that need to be replaced. Pictures can help show the pictures why we are quoting what we are quoting. By doing preventative maintenance; often times it can help the client help find potential issues before they occur.

JC Hart

Installation of a 8.5 Ton Bryant rooftop unit with 0-100% economizer.

Commercial Refrigeration

We service, install and repair all makes and models of walk in coolers and freezers. We also clean, service and sanitize all makes and models of ice machines.

St. Vincent Immediate Care

Medical office building for St. Vincent that was built ground up. The HVAC project included DDC controls, VAV boxes, humidification, Trane package rooftop unit and ductless split.

Verizon Wireless

Replacement of nine (9) 30-ton CRAC (critical room air conditioners) while keeping switch operational.


Tenant finish and laboratory unit (Season4) specialty built for lab with HEPA laminar flow diffuser (ISO 6 classification).

Gaylor Electric

Design build with 50-ton package unit, VAV boxes, air rotation unit


PMC custom fabricated 32 permanent curb caps of various sizesr, recovered several thousand lbs. of R-22 and disposed of per EPA guidelines (rapid recovery), demoed/make-safe existing gas piping and line voltage for 32 pieces at roof deck, coordinated fly zones with adjacent Greencastle airport and FAA, coordinated/planned directly with facilities to ensure safe and efficient procedures, created and executed flawless lift and safety plan, planned and executed the removal of 32 pieces of equipment from the roof; minimizing production down time to under 4 hrs and installed 32 custom curb caps, made water tight, and prepped for roofers to terminate/flash in.

Yamaha Marine Precision Propeller

Ground-Up Design-Build Manufacturing Plant with Performance Mechanical Contracting, Inc providing custom ventilation, cooling and dehumidification solutions.

24/7 Emergency Services

PMC offers a wide range of service that are found on service calls that come in from clients.

Heat Exchanger Replacement

Here is a great job showing pictures of a heat exchanger replacement we did for one of our clients that can also go on the 24/7 service section once you click it and or any pictures you may want to use them for.

Condenser/Evaporator Coil Cleaning

Cooling season often comes with condenser and evaporator coil cleaning. It is important for you to have a clean condenser coil to allow the heat to be removed from refrigerant. When this happens the refrigerant cools and turns into liquid to provide cooling from your system. The evaporator coils helps hold the chilled refrigerant that the compressor moves into the unit and also helps provide cooling to your system. Pictures above show PMC thoroughly cleaning the condenser coil  and evaporator coil using chemical cleaner.

Compressor Changeout

Compressors are one of the main components on the cooling cycle. This allows the circulation of refrigerant necessary for heat exchange through the coils of the unit. Pictures above show the heat exchanger being replaced as well as the filter drier.