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PMC’s Commercial and Industrial HVAC Services

The PMC Promise: No Hidden Charges, No Truck Charges, No Overtime, Competitive Hourly Rates!

Whether you’re looking to pursue LEED® Certification for your building, maximize federal and local energy incentives, or just make sure your building operates in the most efficient manor possible, Performance Mechanical Contracting Inc. can provide all of the Energy Services you need.

We have LEED® Accredited Professionals on Staff. Read our LEED AP Statement.

No matter what HVAC needs your business has, PMC can provide the solution. Here is a list of the many services we offer:

Repair on the following type / style HVAC equipment

    • DX Units
      • Package equipment
      • Split systems
      • Geothermal systems
      • Water source heat pumps
      • Air to air heat pumps
      • Water cooled DX chillers
      • PTACS
      • PTHPS

    • Heating units
      • Gas furnaces
      • Electric furnaces
      • Oil furnaces
      • Heat pumps
      • Unit heaters
      • Radiant tube heaters
      • Make up air units
      • Air rotation units
      • Boilers
      • Geothermal
      • VAV boxes
      • Cabinet heaters
      • Finn tube radiation
      • Ceiling heaters

    • Specialty systems
      • DDC control systems
      • VAV boxes
      • Smoke detectors (Duct mounted)
      • Data / computer room cooling units
      • Air Curtains (heated and non heated)
      • Energy recovery systems
      • Exhaust systems: Vehicle/Welding/Kitchen (grease or dishwasher)
      • UV lights
      • General ventilation: Fans (roof/wall/ceiling/etc.)
      • Air cleaning systems
      • Humidifiers/Dehumidifiers
      • Registers, grilles and diffusers
      • Dampers (Volume and fire)

    • Water side
      • Pumps and piping systems: Chemical Treatment, plate and frame heat exchangers, condensate drains/pumps, Fan coils, Valves, Gas train
      • Chillers: Centrifugal, rotary, screw, reciprocating / Process or comfort cooling
      • Cooling towers

    • Energy audits
      • LEED AP on staff
      • Energy upgrades / consulting
      • CAD drawings / engineered stamped drawings

    • Programmed maintenance for all facilities
      • We schedule for you
      • We bring what we need each time
      • Save you equipment from surprises

    • Extensive Sheet Metal Shop
      • Full fabrication of all ductwork
      • Custom metal projects

    Need help with something not on our list of services? PMC’s network of alliances with electrical, plumbing and other specialty contractors enables us to be the one-stop shop for any needs you may have.

    View our PMC company overview presentation.

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    The PMC Promise: No Hidden Charges, No Truck Charges, No Overtime, Competitive Hourly Rates!


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